Spring Nail Design 2013

Choosing Spring Nail Design

If you pay attention, the motive for nail polish trend in 2013 is dominated by the contrasting colors, bright colors, and bold colorful style. Some people especially women who conduct effort to gain beauty enhancement by applying nail polish should know how face the incoming spring season. There are many ideas actually which you can apply in order to regain your beauty. If you have no idea especially for those who have no experience at all to choose the design, you can follow some trends below actually.

The Options

First option is art nail polish colors sparkling or shimmering influenced by modern society such as in New York. Sparkling nail polish colors are the popular trend in 2013 actually. The most popular color is shiny red, gold and silver color. This sparkling impression will be stronger if you combine it with sparkling jewelry as well. Perhaps some of you may consider this option to be outdated right? Yet, the fact is that this option is very recommended nowadays as nail polish.

Another option of spring nail design 2013 is the ethnic themes. In fact, ethnic theme is often used in the fashion world such as clothing and jewelry. Recently, we can apply the nail polish. Ethnic nail polish is a blend of ethnic assertive colors and bright designed with geometric shapes such as circles, lines and triangles. You can make ethnic patterns according to your taste as well.

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