Russell Simmons Net Worth

Net Worth $ 340 Million

Russell Simmons Net Worth

Russell Simmons Net Worth

The  owner of the Def Jam empire, Russel Simon revealed hat his amount of net worth is about $340 million. Today Russel Simons is also known as the business Magnate and the mogul of the music recorder and the clothing line too. Russel Simmons is also known created the clothing fashion lines named  Phat Farm, Argyleculture, and American Classics.

Seems not enough Russell Simmons also announced that he is the owner of Simmons Jewelry Co. And female fashion lines called Pastry. Russel Simmons also spread his wings by opening UniRush Financial, Inc., Def Jam Interactive video games, Simmons Lathan Media Group and Global Grind.

Russell Wendell Simmons that today well known as an American business magnate was born in Queens, New York, United States on October 4, 1957. Russell Simmons started his own business by opening the Def Jam altogether with his friend  Rick Rubin. This business even bigger after Russell Simmons created  movie production house named Phat Farm. This Phat Farm was produced several successful shows but latter Simmons sold at half of the stock the Phat Farm with  Universal Music Group in 1996.

Forbes and any other media journalist named Russell Simmons as the number three richest figure in hip hop. This also reported that Russell Simmons is receiving about $120 million other sold houses are from the Def Jam empire to Universal Music Group. Russel Simmons also reported receiving about $140 million after he decides to sell the clothing line Phat Farm.

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