Fiberglass Nail Wraps

If you are considering applying nail wraps to your nails, fiberglass nail wraps are unquestionably the nail wraps you should try applying at all costs. Also known as silk wraps, the nail wraps are known as some of the safest nail enhancing products for natural nails available today. To apply the nail wraps, the first thing to do is removing oil and polishes from the natural nail beds and applying a nail primer on the nails.

When you apply the primer on the nails, of course, it is vital to avoid overusing the primer as it may damage the nails. After applying the primer, the next step in applying fiberglass nail wraps is applying acrylic tips to the nails using special glue which is made for human’s consumption. When you are done applying the special glue, you can attach the fiberglass on the nail beds and make sure not to leave any part of the fiberglass hanging on the edges of the nails.

Upon finishing attaching the fiberglass to the nails, you can accelerate, as well as harden the glue used on the nail tips using a kicker by spraying the kicker on the glue. After hardening the glue, you can buff, shape, as well as polish each of the nails to finish applying the nail wraps to your nails. It is easy to applying fiberglass nail wraps on your nails and once you apply them, the nail wraps can last for at least two weeks from the day you apply them to your nails.

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