Fading Cool Nail Designs

How To Fade It?

When you wanted to make up your nails and put on some nail art designs, you have to make sure that you have done the fading of the design. Fading cool nail designs will make the design becomes have more natural looks and it will look like the natural ones. But, people usually avoiding this part of nail art because they have found that this technique have its own difficulties.

The Steps

Here are the tips to make the beautiful fading cool nail designs:

1. Remove any nail polish that you have done to your nails before

2. You have to be smoothing your nails before you start on doing the next steps

3. Rub the cuticles with small amounts of olive oil or cuticle cream), then wipe the oil/cream after 2 minutes.

4. You have to apply the thin base coat on your nail

5. Dip the makeup sponge into the color of the desired nail-polish

6. Dab the sponge gently on your nails

7. Apply the polish over thin first layer

8. Dab the sponge back on your nails

9. Apply the final coat after the layer you have made before were dried

Fade The Designs

Once you finish those steps I have mentioned before, you can have the fading cool nail designs on your nails and you can also have your own beautiful nails with a fading effect.

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