Different Nail Designs

Have anyone consider getting different nail designs? Well, it is a fun thing and will look unique and gorgeous. There are ten fingers that can bear 10 different designs of nail. This fun idea is something common in nail art nowadays. There have been a lot of people try this idea of having different designs of the nail. The differences can be very obvious or maybe made just slightly different from one another. The point is that there is no nails will have the exactly similar designs. It is fun to see several designs of nail at once and the different designs can be made for the casual wear as well.

Although that it is the different nail designs, there will be a particular themes or ideas in the creation. For example, the theme of a pond can be made into ten different designs for each nail such as a fish in one nail and then a frog or lotus in the other nails. Rainbow, ocean, city, sky and other themes can be the ideas or themes of the designs and it will be fun to try to create designs by using just one particular theme for the entire nails of the fingers.

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