Cool Nail Design Ideas

It is a great thing to play with your nails because there are plenty of designs that you can try to make your nails look beautiful. Not so many women like the idea of feminine design or the one that is too elegant. So, if you like something that is cool, surely there are some options that you can find out easily. This is going to be a very great option because it will suit you the most with its cool look.

The first thing that you can do is choosing the right colors before you do your cool nail design ideas. You can use more than one color of nail polish. If you like something dark to look cool, well black is the top option. You can combine it with red or even gold by applying the black color first on all of your nails and after that you can give such thin line horizontally. It will give such lovely and cool look that you want for your nails.

Another idea is still using black but leaves your two fingers blank, and put the gold or red color on it. It will look nice and cool on your nails just like what you want it to be.

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