Adam Lallana Net Worth

Salary € 56. 300 Per Month

Adam Lallana Net Worth

Adam Lallana Net Worth

Adam David Lallana is a 26 years old professional England player who was born in St Albans, England on 10 May 1988. Recently he was played for Southampton as Attacking midfielder. Lallana began his career in the junior club Southampton, then begin his senior career at the club. Was loaned to Bournemouth for a month, Lallana stay stay still in Southampton since junior until now.At young he was joined the Bournemouth Centre of Excellence, which shows his good interest that attract the Southampton club. They composite him with the worth  £3,000 with detailed £5,000 and £10,000  for scholarship and professional wages.

Adam Lallana  shows good skill in Southampton  that made many clubs targeted him and willingly to paid him much. It was reported that today his market value was about £ 6,60 Million. His bright skill makes him selected as included in the Brazil squad for the 2014 World Cup for England. Liverpool and Manchester city is willingly paid him more to leave the club and joined with one of them. It was reported that Adam Lallana shows his interest more to Liverpool rather than Manchester United. Liverpool even already set the bid for

the Saints by 20 million pounds to bring the 25-year-old midfielder.

Liverpool even agreed to pay him more than 70 thousand pounds per week aka double his current salary which is worth €14,075. Adam Lallana salary in Southampton  itself is about €6,75,600  with monthly income worth €56,300 (Euros)

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